This Is How NASA Wakes Up Astronauts

This Is How NASA Wakes Up Astronauts

This Is How NASA Wakes Up Astronauts
If you're trying to kill some time while looking busy today, browse this PDF of every song that NASA has used to wake up astronauts in space. Simply more than just a list, it provides some valuable insight into life in the abyss. The music often was often topically related to the mission-- ZZ Top's "Got Me Under Pressure" was played when the cabin pressure increased. Since the speakers on board were intended for announcements, they were awful for music, meaning the tunes had to be really recognizable. So what was recognizable? Everything from Willie Nelson (lots of it) to The Cranberries to REO Speedwagon to Sheryl Crow to, bafflingly, Legendary Stardust Cowboy. Scroll through for anecdotes about how one crew blew the cover of a classified mission by wearing Hawaiian shirts and playing space-themed parodies of Beach Boys songs. Don't miss the knee-slapper about how there was no music on September 5, 1984 because the crew woke up to fix a cryo leak.
Check that PDF here.


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