320 kbps: A guide to Bubblegum Bass

Now on the database!! Bubblegum Bass!!! 2014!!!!!! Leaving this list as a
slight artifact. New image!!! There's still three things though. Thank you

Originally started a couple of days after the release of 'Attachment' and finished
a couple of days before the debut of Lipgloss Twins 

Ranked in order of how I would check them out rather than personal preference, though they might overlap 

also missing a few things feel free to give me a poke. ALSO I@M OVERTHINKING THE DESCRIPTIONS 




This genre - which is more of a scene really - is an offshoot of the UK Garage subgenre UK Bass 
(that's where the name I made up comes from, but as far as I know there are no 'official' 
names given to this; the closest is something like "Post-Ringtone Music" which is just plain terrible). 
It differs in that the production of its creators - namely A. G. Cook and Sophie - trades the deep, 
atmsopheric grooves for bubblegummy pop hooks and optimistic lyrics with a euphoric atmosphere, 
incorporating pitch-shifted samples and synthesizers firmly dating the music either to the mid 2010s 
or somewhere indeterminably far into the future. The visual 'aesthetic' is also very nice and 
represents this just fine, being linked in with glitch artists such as Kim Laughton

it's also my favourite music i think 

Though I do not mean to let this list be specifically for PC Music, they are to my knowledge the
only record label doing this thing and can subsequently be used to describe work related to the
sounds and images presented here. A main reason why I created this list is not only to make them
slightly more visible and hopefully serve as a comprehensible introduction to them, but also so
that people can recommend to me personally music inspired by this that could hopefully go on the
list somewhere. 

The link at the bottom of each item's description leads to their own personal page; every PC Music
single has them and most of the mixes do to and they are very nice to look at. DIS is either
behind these or inspires them, I'm never quite sure. As a quick warning though, the song
autoplays when you visit these pages and it can be difficult to immediately identify where the
Soundcloud bar is to pause it.


Bipp / Elle (2013) [Single]

Numbers release, but Sophie still associates with the rest of these people! Plus though the sound
existed before this release, this really feels like the catalyst for everything else to come to fruition
in its current form

Honestly, I've listened to this so much that I've forgotten what it's like to be an outsider to the
World of MSMSMSM, but what I remember is that it feels like travelling to the 90s where
everything is not only okay but actually really good, with so much happening in the production
that it truly does sound like living in the cover art. The vocal track is ridiculously energetic and fun,
but that's not to mention just how hard the synths go and how much it just generally bangs.

this writing is boring but I've tried to pin down exactly just what makes this such a glorious
life-changingly huge anthem in a genre called DANCE-POP

Listen to both sides here (bipp is most relevent but elle adds to the mystery of SOPHIE and
reflects bipp perfectly and I like it. its underrated. also grab the actual download if you can
the intro and outro really makes the song i think)

Hannah Diamond

Pink and Blue (2013) [Single]

The Pop Song, PC Music's own first recommendation, like with "Hey QT" (which you aren't meant
to know about yet) this works by rejecting any semblance of drama or other sad things in songs
and goes full-on with its Twee, where Hannah Diamond just sounds so likeable that the song
comes off immensely personal and emotional but unpleasant. (not even bass music but that's not
the point)

As Ryan Bassil points out in an article for Noisey (check the bottom of the list), each of PC Music's
artists, at the end of the day, are characters. This is kind of obvious, but in the case of Hannah
Diamond, who sounds so happy and content with her situation, it is the greatest crime.


A. G. Cook

Beautiful (2014) [Single]

Exists outside of the progression of PC Music into an incomprehensible glitch art gallery as 
suggested by "Wannabe" below, this is the most chilled out track that A. G. Cook could pull out.
While his sugary vocal samples and such in other songs are used for energetic effect, everything
here is as euphoric as possible. The sound of everything being alright.



A. G. Cook

Keri Baby (2014) [Single]

Sums up PC Music itself the best it ever can be in less than 3 minutes, including both its jarringly
uncanny ideals and overload of catchy pop hooks. "Pink and Blue" below is probably a better place
to start for the funtimes, but as an introduction to this world this might be more essential.

As for the song itself, Cook's production sounds like it is constantly shooting off sounds which send
the song into a completely direction until it eventually returns back where it started. Like an old
Windows screensaver with a hundred test-tube-born tiny little singing Hannah Diamonds
superimposed on it.


Dux Content

Like You (2013) [Single]

The abstract vocal simplicity taken to its logical extreme while still remaining a sweet and catchy
pop song, of course, but what's most important is the deep bassline here, working together with
its 2-Step pacing to groove so much. Sounds like a fun time, another carefree weekend.



Lemonade / Hard (2014) [Single]

It's another Numbers release! Both sides take heavy cues from PC Music, making Bipp b/w Elle
look embarrassingly dated to 2013.

Lemonade: Incidental, summery, like drinking and possibly becoming lemonade. Slowly gets
deranged, and as it does it's all about those transitions, and especially that chorus.
Underwhelming in its length but not in its vision, excellent for replays, makes me want lemonade.
Importantly divisive.

Hard (probably featuring GFOTY): popular (relatively, and that this early stage) opinion states
that this is so much better than the A-side, but I have to agree so much. Takes the more
transitional parts of A. G. Cook's mixes (with the main parts of [Album5344725) to their logical
conclusion, bursting into life in its second half with its soothing synths interplaying with the high
energy and delivery. The sound of my life, I don't know about you. I can't get enough of this;
2014's Bipp for sure

NMBRS34 on SOundcloud


Hey QT (2014) [Single]

The most inexplicably controversial song of the whole bunch. It's definitely the most conscious
attempt at "cute" from any of its producers, and I guess that grinds some people's gears, but
nonetheless that chorus and beat are incredible. Also it's on XL Recordings - it's really happenin'

Hey QT! (Drink QT) (A Hey QT video is coming soon)

Hannah Diamond

Attachment (2014) [Single]

The natural progression of "Pink and Blue", dissolving into nice music box melodies which instead
derive their strangeness and buildup from a slight but effective edge of awkwardness. Or, as Tom
Krell of How to Dress Well put it in an episode of FACT Singles Club, "a Kate Bush song made
by a teen in, like, 2045" (he gave it a 10). I'm thinking 'The Dreaming'. Surprisingly subtle though.



Snow Other (2014) [Single]

Invokes the feeling of a childlike lazy Sunday afternoon with colourful fizzy drinks that are little
more than just sugar and cartoons and synth funk(?), I think, further injected with more sugar
and colour. Works as the busiest PC Music track, with as many thick grooves being packed into 3
minutes as possible and full ideas for songs coming and going. One of my favs

Maxo has a lot of other music, by the way (in fact he seems to be the only one of these who
actually exists outside of the label); almost none of it has the PC Music sound like this does (it's
mostly chiptune) but check the links at the bottom of this list for more.



Bobby (2013) [Single]

Their first release! Really though it has dashes of the weirdness of the later stuff it really works
best as surprisingly clever Sad White Girl Rap. I can get down to Sad White Girl Rap especially
with a personality like GFOTY.

Also note the Club Mix, which is just as good and more closely resembles PC's later stuff.


DJ DJ Booth

Heaven (A.G. Cook Remix) (2013) [Single]

Stepping away from the conceptual nature of A. G. Cook and his gang's aesthetic, this owns

While the original grooves very nicely (available on Todd Edwards Falling Down the Stairs, itself
very good, along with the remix) Cook brings everything he uses to be as satisfying as possible,
but it's the vocal samples that take it to the next level, and how the track shatters at one point
into a world where the original title seems appropriate. The more prominent sort-of-rapped vocals
(probably Hannah Diamond's) just sound at peace and really top this track so it can be as good
as it can be.

Heaven (A. G. Cook Remix) via xlr8r on Soundcloud

Thy Slaughter

Bronze (2014) [Single]

Keri Baby meets Hey QT for something much more subtle than either. Very warm and sincere,
a true love song for people alone in their bedrooms. I also want to comment on how the
band name and cover art (at first glance) are wonderfully misleading, and also the last
few seconds.


Lipgloss Twins

Wannabe (2014) [Single]

A simulation of Teen Pop by a computer raised on glitch and Industrial music, blasting what
represents emotion and materialism but doesn't quite get it right, displaying no self-awareness.
There's two of them, but they are different. Maybe? The most obviously deconstructive and
strangely humorous of these songs. There's something I'm not telling you.

Lipgloss Twins are twins, but they are probably Felicita - Felicita resoundclouded it on 
Felicita's soundcloud alongside other Felicita stuff and also it sounds a lot like felicita


pc-s9 on Soundcloud (the site has a very amusing skit that might interfere with the music
so if you don't want that head there)


Doves (2014) [Single]

Released on GUM Artefacts :>

More PC-esque than "Climb Up Eh", and much more cohesive, too, and works in subtleties of
inane conversation, the repetition of particular words with the twinkling firmly in the
background. I don't know why this is so cathartic for me but its site and aesthetic are nice

This has been re-released in promotion of their upcoming EP Frenemies!
Its website is here. (contains creepy snails and better artwork than the actual
single release has)


Don't Wanna / Let's Do It (2014) [Single]

Sp00ky, unfinished sounding mess that nonetheless completely works based on the strength
of its ridiculous Grime-y chorus and weirdness of the lyrics
(HooOOLd on baBY... I fooOOund a PLan). Feels like a reaction to the massiveness of
"Attachment", "Beautiful", and "Palette", probably for good


Princess Bambi

Less Love More Sex (2013) [Single]

Feels like PC Music's take on a perfume commercial or something, or a 'seductive' Rihanna jam.
The childish nature of Princess Bambi's is more subtle, and it doesn't really work with these
lyrics (which are not explicit and are simple enough to still align with PC Music's ideology,
it's just unexpected), but A. G. Cook's production is full of lovely melodies which carry the
track to greatness. The grower of the bunch, for sure, but in a different way to "Attachment".

A visual collaboratin with LOGO.



Climb Up Eh / Bring It (2013) [Single]

Another one that isn't actually a PC Music release so much as from the same scene, but the
A-side Presents the image of a teen girl from the distant future with creepy undertones in the
exact same way. Although in its production, which is the strongest part, the creepiness is less
of an undertone so much as its full force, but that just serves to enhance Chlo's strong vocal
performance. Thanks to RYM user exitsense for bringing Felicita to my attention.

Website (2014)
N My Teeth (Old Climb Up Eh video)

Paris Suit Yourself

Won't K (Sophie Rmx) (2014) [Bootleg / Unauthorized]

Cool house track! Works well in a mix like Sophie's Boiler Room one. The vocals could be better 
(especially since they're the only thing from the original track, which is a dark post-punk track) 
but the "verse" pays off. Also cool opening sound

It was taken down from Soundcloud, but is still available on YouTube here, and Brendan 
(who wrote one of the articles in my further reading section) dropped by the list sharing a 
download in the magical 320! Thanks Brendan! It's here


b♥f♥fs (2014) [Single]

Bonus one, since, I suppose, unless everything above has a 100% success rate, it's easy to hate
this since it does take the controversial qualities of every song above even further - thanks you
for being so cool and sweet to me

i wanna be your friend

A. G. Cook

Radio Tank Mix (2013) [DJ Mix]

The sound of one long digital hug while in a dreamlike state. Absolutely essential listening, and
the most carefully curated and cohesive of Cook's mixes. Every single sound here to the end just
seems to work so much to its end, the underlying synths and "skits" (none of which outstay their
welcome except maybe one and remind me of a carefree surreal state of mind) blending together
with the songs (all of which are great) to paint a lovely world which I want to live in.

This mix was for Tank Magazine.

Radio Tank Mix (with the only known A. G. Cook interview to my knowledge, an interesting read)

Sophie / QT

Live in the Boiler Room (2014) [Bootleg / Unauthorized]

Sophie's set: Actually competent mixing in a club setting! :D The mix of old and new stuff on this
is just magical, with comparatively little meandering that I've heard in snippets of his other sets
(which are apparently even better regardless). Almost all of this is new content; the one about
shaking it up and making it fizz is my favourite song.

QT's set:
 A "performance" of "Hey QT" with an extended, rather throwaway 5-minute intro,
setting up the concept of the QT Energy Elixir. Her dancing is interesting in how minimally
K-Pop it is, but I can take or leave the whole video. Good song tho!



Secret Mix (2014) [DJ Mix]

GFOTY honestly might be my favourite person of the whole bunch; her music seems to have the
clearest sense of style and strikes the perfect combination of hyberbolic pop and abrasion. The
juxtaposition of the adult contemporary covers highlights that it is all still teen-y pop music,
just sounding more like "if someone took death grips, opened them in ms paint, and inverted
the colors," as a Soundcloud comment puts it. (i do not condone death grips)


Various Artists

PC Music x DISown Radio (2014) [DJ Mix]

Huge, really. An hour of PC Music trying to outdo itself and as such it's perfect to get lost in.
The use of the 6 artists really covers all the bases in terms of their music while giving it enough
time to breathe, and the new names are pretty exciting; I particularly like Kane West's 10 minutes.
This was for DIS magazine's DISown Radio.

PC x DISown

DJ Warlord

Meat SS14 Embassy Mix (2013) [DJ Mix]

Who is DJ Warlord? spoiler: click to read His music, like the mixes associated with JACK댄스, are
a lot more energetic and also based in Hardcore than Bass, and this is as full of lovely moments
as the 'main' ones.

This mix is for Meat Clothing, who designs clothes for Hannah Diamond and I discuss them
further further down.


Radio Tank Mix: JACK댄스

JACK댄스 presents a surge of energy that, like Maxo, presents its energy by being so quick
and packed with content. Though their mixes (found at their Soundcloud at the bottom of
this list) are fairly interchangable, this feels the most essential and thoroughly enjoyable
throughout. 4 stars! 

This mix is to promote JACK댄스 and is for Tank Magazine, as with the Cook one. 

Click the title of this item to go to this mix and read about it.

A. G. Cook

Personal Computer Music (2013) [DJ Mix]

More flowing, sparklingly pleasant sounds compiled nicely by Cook; not as essential as his Radio
Tank and DISown Radio contributions and not as tight, but some of the songs and general aimless
ideas dished out here are lovely. Also, "Aquarius (Luna Remix)" :DDD (Also, "Moose" D:)

Personal Computer Music is personal computer music for your personal computer. This collection
is for DISmagazine.

Personal Computer Music

A. G. Cook

CC Mix (2013) [DJ Mix]

I think my favourite thing about Cook is, at the end of the day, his taste in ridiculous pop music
is so important, and this is perfectly represented by a Ke$ha album track (an awesome one, btw)
which is basically Nightcore'd kicking this off. From there it's all about the candy beats, as implied
by the new Hannah Diamond song "Beats" (which is a grower btw). The first one of these I heard
after Bipp <3

This mix was for Creamcake.

Creamcake Mix on Soundcloud

A. G. Cook

Illamasqua 彩る Mix (2012) [DJ Mix]

Technically the first one of these! :D Thank you A. G. Cook, thank you LOGO Magazine

Hence technically it could be mixed better but on the whole there's much ambition here, and the
music stands nicely on its own. Took me a while to 'get' this but I'm glad I did, it stands up to the
rest of his stuff


A. G. CookFelicitaPalmistry & Finn Diesel

Rinse FM Podcast: Dis Magazine (2014) [DJ Mix]

Felicita's (and possibly Palmistry's, I lost track of when that was, but anyway Felicita probably
comes in about halfway through) section really is next level, eventually taking bass music to its
logical limit by emulating speech patterns. This section also has very much the same sense of
humour as Lipgloss Twins and their site.

Though Finn Diesel's mix is good, obviously the other one of note is A. G. Cook, who ends on
a really quite nice alternate version of "Pink and Blue" and then a truly quite sad unidentified

[https://soundcloud.com/rinsefm/dismagazine290514.Dis Magazine on Rinse FM]

Finn DieselSophieDanny L Harle & Soda Plains

Rinse FM Podcast - DisMagazine (2014) [DJ Mix]

Less moments of delirious weirdness than Dis's previous Rinse FM podcast, more of probably
two of the best pop composers in the scene debuting some new songs. Those two (it's Danny L
Harle and Sophie, of course) work together and Finn Diesel steps up his game to match them
(the "Lover" mix on his mix goes pretty damn hard).

Dis Magazine's Rinse FM Podcast 2!


Huewave (2013) [DJ Mix]

Self-released (though Tielsie would later produce Palette on PC, by far their most generic song
but still relatively worthwhile), Tielsie presents a very colourful take on the PC Music sound and
aesthetic. It's title is apt, it's waviness makes it far greater than I gave it credit for before.
I'm out of ideas. This was on Dis Magazine.


Joseph Marinetti

Shoop x Cloud Castle Radio Mix #2 (2014) [DJ Mix]

It's on Shoop Clothing (pending)! Probably the furthest detachment from the scene while still
having the exact same sound. At this point, you probably get the idea, but totally worth listening

[https://soundcloud.com/sho...e-radio-2.Shoop x Cloud Castle Radio Mix #2]


Why Don't You Wash Your Blond Child's Hair in Dead Champagne, As They Do in France?
(2014) [DJ Mix]

It's Manicure Records (pending) :O

The artist name and title and cover art are all really lame and hold no clue to how colourful and
soothing the mix itself actually is. The Lil Mama remix is especially glorious, and placing "Beats"
at the end convinced me of its high quality more than CC Mix did. Manicure Records are very
good; I mention them again below



64 Thousand Dollar Bombs (2014) [DJ Mix]

It's LOGO Magazine :0

Very pink, promoted by PC Music, great bass and momentum with more subtle and pleasing pop
tendencies. (also I like Save Me; it has a novelty effect but it's very fun)



easyFun EP (2013) [EP]

Second PC release, experimenting with the EP format, and oddly it actually works really well
because there are no overwhelming hooks, just carefree sunny synths almost recalling vaporwave
aesthetics. It's good.

Also "Sondico" has a video and its rad

Guy Akimoto

BaeBae (2014) [EP]

Nice songs, from someone outside the PC Music circle! I can certainly see him making a legitimate
release on that label, because the ideas presented here are good. The remixes aren't bad either.


A. G. Cook

Nu Jack Swung (2013) [EP]

Somewhere in between the high-concept net art of the PC Music aesthetic and the sincerity of the
R&B influences. Of the three, "Did U Ever Love Me" is the best 'cause of Patricia Edwards and
legitimately sounds like something Beyonce could put out. The other two are great too with
Hannah Diamond on "Close Your Eyes" being appreciated


stuff with the same musical #aesthetic or scene that you might like from this stuff but
none of the full-on production


Pop It (2014) [Single]

Captures the aesthetic perfectly with the AG Cook-styled vocals and the cover art and the website

DHX 002

LOGO Magazine

The first chronological mix on this list was for LOGO, as I already mentioned, and they
highlight and often host similar releases on their playlists. Also the website proper is good
for the aesthetic 


Maltine Records

Often specializes in cute J-garage stuff, so therefore there are a lot of (loose - I haven't listened
back to 2005) similarities to PC Music in their styles. They produce a lot of stuff and are generally
considered hit-and-miss, with no generally agreed upon releases, but I like はじめまして 
(especially its B-side), and Cat Walk if ur superficial trash who likes their cover art. Otherwise
I can't help you, take a look


Danny L Harle

Broken Flowers (2013) [Single]

Danny is the best vocalist :)

Like 'Bobby' it feels like this is too based in reality, to the point where I don't know where to put it,
but those melodies are completely essential and those synths, especially at the end, are lovely



Odyssey, Pt. 2 (A. G. Cook Remix) (2013) [Single]

We drove to Miami 'cause Miami is a place


Life Sim

This Life (2014) [DJ Mix]

I think I unfairly overlook Life Sim, who does more Trance-based stuff, and I'm not sure why,
but this mix is cohesive enough for me to get behind.

This Life

Serious Thugs

Ur Not a Baller (2014) [Single]

(Not actually on PC but) Warlord-produced, and quite nicely (though it's the hook that makes it),
mostly notable though for its Harmony Korine-esque video (in which Hannah Diamond cameos
in a group shot), which has had some exposure on VFiles. Feel free to read the comments for
some lovely classism (disclaimer: that means dont. Don't.)

Incidentally, its members and directors are Alis Pelleschi and William E Wright. Alis forms half of
Meat Clothing who are essentially PC Fashion (and they have designed Hannah Diamond's clothes
at least) and Will is an editor at Logo Magazine and works with Hannah Diamond. See the list
A. G. Cook's Had 1 (Club Mix) is a classic too, probably should go somewhere 

Christmas 2.0 also has a lot going for it but is simply too hit-and-miss for my tastes;
check on the list around Christmas to see if it does its job well enough. 

Bipp (Tielsie Remix) is also very cool, if the original wasn't at the top it might be on the list

In terms of other SOPHIE stuff, he has Nothing More to Say, btw, which is great.
However,Who Am I (SOPHIE MSMSMSM Remix), which is always overlooked, shows many
of the same tendencies as this just slightly before. Tiny Dancer is cool, but Sophie take it
to another level. That chorus <3
FURTHER READINGHey QT! An Interview With 2014's Most Love-Her-or-Hate-Her Pop Star 
(Tom Lea, 9/9/2014) 
Cute Computer Chaos (Adam Harper, 17/8/2014) (interesting links to hudmo + oneohtrix,
our friends come in at the last couple of paragraphs) 
PC Music: The 10 Best Tracks So Far From 2014's Most Divisive Record Label (Joe
Moynihan, 13/8/2014) (past fact's irritating design, interesting order + some cute
insight onto "Aquarius" - wasn't Luna also the cat in Sailor Moon?) 
You’re Too Cute: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, SOPHIE, PC Music and the Aesthetic of Excess 
(Steph Kretowicz, 26/6/2014) 
PC Music and the Future of Pop (Brendan Klinkenberg, 30/5/2014) 
The 405 Guide to PC Music (Emma Garland, 28/5/2014) 
Trying to Make Sense of Hannah Diamond and Post-Ringtone Music (Ryan Bassil,
23/5/2014, + an interesting GFOTY interview) 
Check Out These Unbelievable Photos of Sophie Live (Kyle Kramer, 19/5/2014) 
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu gets kawaii with SOPHIE (Alex Denney, 12/5/2014) 
PC Music's A. G. Cook "Sounds Like Pouring Pop Rocks In Your Ears" (Mitchell Stevens,
Rising: Sophie (Larry Fitzmaurice, 10/10/2013, + interview) 
Expanded Benefits: Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and SOPHIE (Legacy Russell, 11/1/2012)
(has some old artwork / information - if anyone wants me to remove reference
to this I can)
SOCIAL LINKSPC Music: Website / Soundcloud Twitter / Facebook / Tumblr / Tumblr (Releases Only) 
A. G. Cook: Soundcloud / Soundcloud (DJ Warlord) / Twitter (DJ Warlord) / 
Facebook (DJ Warlord) / Tumblr 
SOPHIE: Website / Soundcloud / Twitter / Facebook 
Hannah Diamond: Soundcloud / Twitter / Tumblr 
GFOTY: Soundcloud / Twitter / Facebook / Blogspot 
Danny L Harle: Website / Soundcloud / Twitter 
JACK댄스: Soundcloud / Twitter / Facebook 
Maxo: Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Bandcamp ("Level Music" Project) / Twitter / Tumblr / 
Dux Content: Website / Soundcloud / Soundcloud [Dux Kidz] / Facebook / YouTube 
Life Sim: Soundcloud 
Princess Bambi: Twitter / Tumblr / Instagram 
Felicita: Website / Soundcloud 
Diamond / Wright: Website 
DIS Magazine: Website / DISown Radio / Soundcloud / Twitter / Facebook / Tumblr / 
Vimeo / Instagram 
Tank Magazine: Website / Soundcloud / Twitter / Facebook / 
Meat Clothing: Website / Soundcloud / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram 
Creamcake: Website / Soundcloud 

I've compiled these all in an hour and am a bit tired; let me know if there's anyone
key I'm missing.

Thanks to flyingwill and his list on How to Create Visually Appealing Lists on RYM 
for a few ideas that I used here! Also everyone contributing to items on the list,
including the ones I've overlooked, and all the RYM favoruiters and commenters


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