Space Trips

Space Trips is the new generation legal highs designed to enhance all your six sences. Space Trips – natural and legal alternative to LSD is only pills able to take you to the moon and get back making you perceive reality differently, boosting your energy level, causing intense visuals and powerful sensory enchancement. The natural psychedelic blend is ideal party pills for raves, clubs or anywhere there is alot of people and energy. Each capsule of Space Trips contains DMAA (Geranamine) – world best legal alternative to BZP and amphetamine, Galangal, Piperine. Try this legal speed to feel this world differently, sounds, pictures and even a simple touch will stimulate a whole new experience. Why risk legal hassles or severe side effects with illegal drugs, if you can go natural and legal with these alternative products that work just as well and not have a worry in the world.


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