How to Have a Zen Attitude

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Zen is a form of meditation with a focus on the mindful awareness of the present moment. In common lexicon, the phrase "being zen" or "having a zen attitude" has come to mean viewing life calmly with equanimity. By this definition, being Zen is about doing right for the mind, body, and soul. It can help you relax, have a positive outlook on life, and find a higher plane of spiritual worth.

Higher Entity Method

1) Sit on a pillow. Scented ones may help you relax. Make sure that it provides some firmness, for support, but it is mostly about comfort. The Buddha himself achieved enlightenment only after a woman gave him a bundle of straw to sit on, which allowed him to meditate longer with less pain.
2) Sit cross-legged with the pillow under your rear, perhaps with your knees touching the ground. Make sure your back is straight and that you are comfortable.
3) Think of Buddha, Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesh, Jesus, or any other inspirational figure. Pretend you are with the entity, on a cloud, and are perfectly happy. The entity says, "Tell me what you are thankful for."
4) Tell the entity (in your mind) what you are thankful for.
5) Imagine that the entity is content, and you are now the happiest you have ever been.
6) Enjoy the happiness you are feeling. Embrace it. Let it influence your actions and make your thoughts positive. You are so happy, you can go about your regular day with a smile on your face.

As you begin, perhaps it will be easier to be alone when you seek moments of Zen. If there are others, see them as a mirror. Pretend you are their mirror and give them something tranquil to look at, and imagine that they may have taken care of you in previous lives, no matter who that person is.
If you get serious about real Zen, seek out a teacher in your area. A teacher doesn't have to be totally enlightened as long as they're ahead of you and can guide you to a new step.


People may ask you why you are laughing, or what you're so happy about. Tell them that you are at peace with the world, and you hope they are too.


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