Readful Things Makes Custom Horror Movie Action Figures

These Custom ‘Mandy’ Action Figures, Including Cheddar Goblin, Should Probably Be Mass Produced

One of this year’s most talked about/beloved horror films is Panos Cosmatos’ Mandy, which has so much going for it that it’s not hard to see why the internet has taken so strongly to it. For starters, Nicolas Cage stars as a demon-slaying badass, and then there’s the lovable little dude known as the Cheddar Goblin, who appears in a faux commercial within the film.

It’s gorgeous to look at, it’s violent and bloody as can be, and Cage delivers one of his best performances in years. Add Cheddar Goblin atop all that and, well, Mandy is our kinda shit.

Cosmatos’ latest has been spawning all kinds of fun fan art, and our pal Readful Things even whipped up a set of custom-made action figures based on Mandy. He’s made toys of Cage’s Red Miller, Linus Roache’s Jeremiah Sand, and of course, even the Cheddar Goblin himself!

The artist teases, “I think I need to do the Black Skulls next…


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