Exploring Cool 3D World, a Vine account that’s terrifying and wonderful at once


An account called Cool 3D World appeared on Vine 18 days ago with ths introductory video:
Since then the account has posted 8 other vines, all with a similar mix of franticness, glee, and body horror.
The account is the work of brianbrianbrian (aka Brian Tessler) and popcorn10 (Jon Baken), enigmatic viners/artists/musicians/who knows whats. Asked for more information about themselves over email, they told me they both “originally come from musical backgrounds” and “were drawn to the idea of creating a fully immersive world with music, sound, and visuals”.
The two described Cool 3D World as “a collaboration space for artists and musicians” that they put together because they “wanted to create a fun space for animated 3D content as well as original music and sound design.” Tessler and Baken say they’ve “already done a few animations with [designer and developer] George Brower and [are] also working on web stuff with Neil Cline.”
You can definitely see the similarities to the work each of them creates on their own. Here’s a vine popcorn10 recently posted:
And here’s a video from brianbrianbrian’s Instagram:

All the videos apparently take place in the same world, according to the viners: “the Cool 3D World.” They also advised to “stay tuned for music videos, shorts, games, and lots more content.”
For now, we can definitely see some emerging themes, like incredibly muscular men:
And birds:
At least one also seems to inspired by the (spooky) season we’re in right now, too:
I asked brianbrianbrain and popcorn10 for their favorite piece so far. Turns out it’s this one, called Rex Runs, because “[i]t keeps the viewer immersed and doesn’t quite give away what’s about to show up” :


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