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         The HUNK movement, created by Myles Byrne-Dunhill, is a combination of the ethos of both the Hippie and Punk movements. The two philosophies act as a spiritual ‘yin and yang’ which balance themselves accordingly. Here is a broader definition as defined in Urban Dictionary:

A subculture that combines the ethos of the hippie movement with the philosophies of the punk rock movement. Experimentalism and improvisation are the trademarks that make up this group. Psychedelic explorations with all of the self-governed individuality that defines life experience.

Paul has become a hunker, I guess it's safe to say he likes to take LSD and listen to Bad Brains.

by Myles Byrne-Dunhill June 23, 2011

         Hunk is a lifestyle that embraces creative expression and world cultures as its foremost inputs. Art and experience are common strivings as well. Though a thread of experimentation runs throughout everything that Hunk is about, there is a high level of responsibility involved as well as personal and interpersonal honesty and fearlessness. An acceptance of childhood influence is always very strong, specifically in a fashion sense, as well as mindset. Meditation and relaxation techniques are also very prevalent. Though it is impossible to really give an accurate definition for what Hunk is, the belief of a personal definition of ‘Hunk’ is the only real ethos that the culture really stands for.


78 revelations, ethniquities, gospelarians, librarians, gloops, gleeps, magnetique tape, ost, dmt, kvlt, spectral string bands, psychedelique funkenfuzz, songbirds, disembodied voices, tape echo, plate reverb, lepyrlymns, field recordings, holy ghosts of electricity & cloven tongues of fire.


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